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WORLD is in constant evolution and We need to changes too.

This is not only an affirmation, this is a reality that all people of world have living today.

The Africa continent that have many problems, show us that the technology don´t need of an evolution line. People of Africa that comes from non technology society directly to celular phones, with out use of traditional telephone lines.

Our children  uses the smart phones, from simple calls, message, conferencing and meeting with friends; going to situation more complex, as the study, preparing their  homeworks and presentation for classroom without the use of traditional computers, and they don´t need use the computer, as us,  to learn how to use the smart phones.

So, thinking about this, our group developed the new business strategy for next years.

In our days is impossible for one only office offer the best solution for their costumers. No one, in all earth, can joint all experts that is requested in a project or program for a  client, just because each project is unique, it is complex and involves particular needs that is different from one project to other.

This specialized need and customized for client, request experts that can offer  specific solutions and is not possible that only one office maintain in their hired professionals team all expert for all project nature that exist today.
Thinking about this, our group have developed a unique solution for all offices; associated or owned office that have workded with us.
This solution is based in a new business model named Strategic Web Crowdsourcing.
To solve this situation, we creates a data bank with all experts, companies, person and registered offices of all world that can offer solutions for each other office inside the Pardes Group International Organization.
At this way, when one office send to us a project proposal, we can find, consult and select professionals of all world to be hired exclusivelly for this project.
The team works inside their owned offices and take part of an exclusive expanded reality of the project; in that they can deposit docs, studies, acknowledges and procedures that composes the project intelligence, and will be used to achieve the goals proposed.
So, the Pardes Group, evolutes , from the ordinary consultant services, to an special platform in that we can offer more than a consulting services, we offer solutions based in business intelligence, composed by experts and companies from all world.

Only the technical team and local office need be located in the same place of the project. The cost is reduced, the quality increased and the costumer satisfaction is achieved in the minor lapsed time possible.

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