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Our Team

Market Intelligence

This team is composed by people, professional and companies around all world that works with market intelligence.

Selecting the best professionals to each program or proposal developed by Pardes Group International, we can agree in only one team all resources to offer the best market intelligence that you can find.

Customized according the client need, our experts cover all global market and have information from all offices owned of Pardes Group or that composes the Pardes Group International network.

Development Intelligence


According each project or program, Pardes Group International nominee one office (local Office) to be the responsible by the project development.

Also nominee others offices around the world, if the project or program involves others markets or international support is needed by the customer.

After the market analysis and the decision about the advantage (or not) of the project or program, the development team is hired (contract under the Lump Sum contract rules - World Bank Model) .

Financial and Economic Intelligence

The Economic and Financial Intelligence division have more than 5.000 (Five Thousands) investor registered into the Pardes Group Database.

These database cover all investment person or group around the world and institutions that have interest in invest in programs or projects.

So, when the program or project is selected and developed as a strategic business plan, this division select the possible investors and contact one by one to offer our investment opportunity.

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