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This program of Pardes Group will be focused in the Energy production (Solar energy production,  wind energy and all renovated energy that exist or be developed)  along next decade.

Initially all program will be developed through companies and investors that have in their constitution the nature of this program.

The goal is the participation (equity) or development of projects that can return over than 15 % by year of the investment made in their development.

The interest tax  that we are looking for investor is over than 8,5 % by year and we will works with a standard time line of 20 years to be payback.

The strategic business plan will be the same that the Pardes Group international have used along past decades, and can offer a complete view of the proposal for all investors.




This program is devoted to Hotel, B&D or hospitality means in all their form and mode.

Initially Pardes Group will invest in working companies that have hotel chain and more than 100 UH (rooms) to be acquired or buy shares of the company.

We are looking for hotel chain that have over than 12 % of return of the invested capital, IRR over than 8,5%.

Solid guarantee (over than 120 % of invested capital).

Equity or buy hotel chain in Latin America and Europe.


Our commodities division is one of most expert team in Latin America Division devoted to development of business in the local market.

Doing business around the world, the Pardes Group has found many different opportunities to invest in commodities, and in special in Brazil.

This country can produce up to three crops of corn a year, two of soybeans crops, and a large amount and variety of food throughout the year.
Its favorable year-round climate and fertile land produce rice, beans, soybeans, corn and a variety of agricultural foods, as well as meat, fish and seafood.
Our team maintains an intense relationship with various operator groups in the country and is able to offer the best and largest trading opportunities in the segment to investors from around the world.
Our head office, located in England, is able to manage contracts around the world and broker business with the Brazilian market, where we have been active for over ten years.

If you are looking to do business in agriculture, meat and food productions in Brazil, we are the best option.



Our office have access to local market, registered fund managers and banks or company accounts that have all legal authorization to fund management.

If you have interest to invest in Brazil, our team can help you and can select the best investment to do in the country.

During past ten years, our local team developed a complete business network with experts and companies that are part of financial market in the country.

We can assist you and your company to select and make the best deal in fund investment and acquisition in the country.

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