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In this page you can see our business nature and the core business of our group.

Energy is one of most important theme in our life. The production, distribution and conservation are notice everyday in almost places of world.

So our group developed a Special Investment Program to take part in this market share and to achieve profitable opportunities around the world.

The agribusiness and their infrastructure, complementary business, support and all related business affairs are our focus in this investment program.

We will invest in farms, food industry, infrastructure investments, logistic and others related to agribusiness.

This Investment Program is focused in hight technology, in partnerships with laboratories, industry and experts.

The most important objective of this program is the energy, food communication and research of new applied technology.

This investment program is devoted to buy and sell hotel chain, building and resorts.

Focused in business class hotel, in major cities of world, this program will invest only in hospitality industry in that we can achieve net profits and increase our asset along the time.

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