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Our Expertise

We are expert in Business Intelligence and Development
Strategy & Organization

This Division is responsible by strategy and organization of all program and projects developed by Pardes group.

Composed by partners, associated offices and hired experts around the world, this division have the expertise to advise and develops all stages of any program that will be implanted by Pardes Group.


Working under the Pardes Group International rules and policies, this division is responsible to agree and composes the various teams that works in Pardes Programs.

Corporate Finance

This division is responsible by organization and standard of all contracts, procedures and corporate finance and economy.

It´s responsible by the corporate governance and international rules about finance, practices, and bank procedures.

IT Management

This division is one of most important inside the Pardes Group.

It´s responsible by all communication, database maintenance and documents that are send and received by all work-groups, offices, and professionals around all world.


This division is composed by offices and experts around the world , working inside a special virtual reality space that cover all world.

This space have all information and access to any register or data that are registered in owned Pardes Group database or world bank database, including financial information, bank registers and others.



This division is responsible by Sustainability and environment impact of each program or project in that Pardes Group take part.

It´s responsible by evaluation of environment  impact, social impact, economic (locally) impact and to find the best solution in case of negative impact.

Corporate Development

This division is responsible by corporate development policies and their implementation.

Composed by the board of directors, and their regional board and memberships this division creates the policies and procedures that each program or project will be guided. 


This division is responsible by the international governance and association of offices, partnerships and goals for next years of Pardes Group International.


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